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Skewer Sticks 3mm x 300mm

R18.00 incl 15% Vat

Wooden Skewer sticks, great for party foods like kebabs and corn-dogs, sweet or savoury. Recreate all-time classics or add your own secret twist to this tried and true cooking trick. Everyone loves their favourite food on a stick.

Skewer Sticks 3mm x 300mm

These sleek and sturdy 3mm by 300mm wooden skewer sticks are a great way to spice up your cooking skills and impress your guests. Ideal for waffle on a stick, spiral potato on a stick, and a variety of other foods on sticks.

Also available in 4.0mm by 400mm for those customers you want to impress with a 400mm chip stick. Each pack contains roughly 50 wooden skewers.

Ideas for foods to serve:
  • Meat, veg, and other barbecue (braai) food favourites
  • Perfect, juicy corn dogs that bring new meaning to the word tasty
  • Make fruit the focus of your sweet and juicy finger foods by skewering pineapple slices, apples and more.
  • Lolly stick waffles, the fun single portable version of the beloved waffle.

The sky’s the limit, if you can serve it on a stick, you can keep your guests eating and satisfied. Our 3.5mm by 300mm wooden skewer sticks are perfect for imaginative cooks as well as catering services and other food-centric businesses.

All your fun food desires in one place. Avoid dishes and free up space at your gatherings, by having your guests try your signature culinary delights alongside traditional favourites by serving food on wooden skewers.

Keep the party going and keep the food flowing. It’s as easy as putting food on a stick!

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Product details:
  • Skewer Sticks 3mm x 300mm
  • +- 85-90 Skewers per Pack


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