We at Catering Equipment recommend the services of COURIER IT as a 3rd party Courier Company. We urge our clients to contact the Courier directly to obtain a quotation, however, we at Catering Equipment are equipped with the facilities to request a quotation from them if required by the client.

Delivery Costs are calculated on the courier companies online portal and these calculations are based on the exact order or items the customer needs delivered with the complete delivery address and area code. If you do not specify ALL the items you require with the COMPLETE delivery address when requesting a delivery Quote we will not be able to assist. 

We highly recommend that the client add insurance when obtaining a quote from the Courier Company. When requesting a quotation for courier services from Catering Equipment the client will automatically be charged additionally for insurance as a standard company procedure. Please take note that damages may occur during transit thus insurance is a necessity to ensure peace of mind.

Please see below for a list of contact details: